November 2018

A very good customer of the dealership tells you in confidence that he does not like dealing with one of your sales people. He threatens to take his business somewhere else unless you assign another sales person to him. Your dealership has had assigned territories and has strict rules on that.

This is your most experienced sales person. Other customers have love him and the reports are great. He also produces consistently well and his sales numbers are usually increasing rather than decreasing. You know he will be upset if you assign someone else to his account.

How would you handle this situation?

One thought on “November 2018”

  1. There is no absolute right answer but in the end you will need to remove the rep from the account. Most important is tenure should not be considered in your decision making process. Step 1 is to reassure the customer that they are very important to you/business. Then look to understand why the customer wants to change so you can assist and assure (possibly align the right resources to support the buying process. How long has he been dealing with that sale person? What has changed? What was the trigger event. In the end you will need to remove the rep from the account but you need to be able to clearly articulate why. It may present a coaching opportunity. Long tenured reps can become entitled/complacent. Even if you do not believe the rep did anything wrong other than maybe say “no” to the customer you still need to switch the account. The customers belong the the company not the reps. and all reps must be treated the same regardless of tenure.

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