October 2018

Recently, I have been having conversations with various dealers about issues they were struggling with. One conversation we discussed the changes that he implemented in his dealership. John had a small dealership that sold and serviced “specialized” farm machinery. With ever an ever growing client base, and overall changes in the industry John and his wife were faced with more problems than solutions as one of his seasoned sales people had left also. Maintaining leads, closing deals and organizing clients became more and more difficult to manage alongside the newest problem, needing to hire a new salesperson.
Like many other dealers, traditional methods like whiteboards, spreadsheets and personal records was a easy way to keep track of the dealerships operations.
At this point he needed to evaluate – stay the same or adapt.

How are things organized at your dealership?

Is analogue (non-electronic), a thing of the past?

Where do you think analogue applications should apply in the sales industry, or should it still be used at all?

Is what you are doing considered to be analogue, or are you seeking to change to become digital?

Is the process you are using working or does it need to change?

We had quite a few discussions on what a sales department and its processes should be. I challenged John to listen to two audio books that I love. They provide a tonne of insight and a broad scope of potential solutions to his problems.

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