September 2018

Your salesperson has been working real hard on a large multiple unit deal. All the competition is on the deal and the customer has been eliminating them one by one. You were out seeing the customer with the salesman and the finish line is in sight. Your service manager learned about it and has come to discuss the deal with you. He feels the service department may be too busy and is concerned about the work this will add to his already taxed department. He would rather that this deal would not happen as it may be at the expense of other sales with the companies other clients and asking that the salesperson to consider the implications.

You do know and agree with him that it will make it difficult on the already busy service department.

You agree it will add stress but you hate giving up this selling opportunity.

What do you do? Do you stop the sale? Can you mitigate the risk of overwhelming your service manager?

Or perhaps do you take on extra work load and increase the problem for your service department?

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